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Unplug And Get Comfy

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” —Anne Lamott

The wonderful world of social media definitely has its allows you to engage with people from all around the globe, connect with longtime friends and family, it even affords you with the opportunity to make new friends and family along the way. But, it can sometimes become overwhelming, and for me, I began to notice I spent more time on social media than on more important tasks. I started to feel unproductive and I lost focus on what I was trying to accomplish. And if we’re honest with ourselves, I'm sure a lot of us feel this way.

Although social media can be a gift and yet a curse at the same time, it doesn't stop there. We’re ultimately in control of how we spend our time on a daily basis. So one day I woke and told myself, I need a break...from the world, from people, from my everyday norm...I just needed a break. So I decided to take a two-week hiatus from all social media platforms, even my blog. I needed time to regain my focus, reignite my creativity and get things back on track.

Those 2 weeks away were the absolute BEST! I was able to relax and be present in a way that left me feeling grounded and peaceful. I was able to cozy up in my favorite loungewear and enjoy hot chocolate in my favorite mug. I was able to catch up on some reading and watch some trashTV (lol) without glancing at my phone every 5 minutes, just to rewind what I missed because I got caught up flipping from Instagram to Facebook then back to Instagram. It felt GREAT!

This hiatus made me ask myself a few questions...what if we unplugged more often? What if we gave ourselves permission to disconnect from social media and the important world of instant communication? While for some of us this is easier than others, most of us could benefit from a little more unplugging and a little less social media/email/text in our lives.


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Dec 06, 2018

This was so needed!!! You are too cute! Love the outfit need all colors!


Dana Emerson
Dana Emerson
Dec 05, 2018

With all of these holidays rolling around, I think I'm due for an unplugging myself. BTW, your outfit looks so cute and cozy... glad you input the deets!

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