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How To Style Track Pants

Who knew something so comfy (often wore to the gym or yoga class) would be so cute with a pair of heels or booties? Who knew this nineties trend would come back as a force in fashion as it is today? We all know fashion tends to repeat itself, but I never would’ve thought that track pants would be as versatile as they are now. Of course, back then we only wore them with the track jacket (as they came as a set lol) with a pair of sneaks. That’s it like there was no other way to wear we thought!

This time around, the look is more grown and sophisticated. This athleisure style is now more acceptable than just the gym. From picking up the kids from school to brunch dates and even cocktail hour; track pants get the green light. So its safe to say this style offers endless ways to express your style.

There’s something about adding leather to anything that makes it just a tad more classy. The same goes for this look; the leather jacket seems to take it up a notch and makes it even more polished.

Never the less, track pants should be a closet staple as they offer so much style versatility. Needless to say, with all the style options available, they won’t be going out of style any time soon.


Jacket: Similar Top: Similar Pants: Asos

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Oct 09, 2018

This so me! Looooove this look.


Oct 03, 2018

I need the whole outfit! So cute!!!!

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