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Boho Chic Baby Shower

My baby shower was last weekend, and it was the most AMAZING day ever! As I entered the venue, the decor and the love I felt was so overwhelming that it brought me to tears. My friends have to be the most AWESOME people ever! They knew exactly what I wanted without any questions asked. I’m very non-traditional, and when it came to my baby shower, they knew to throw all things traditional out of the window. I’m slightly obsessed (ok maybe not slightly LOL) with the chic bohemian style and thought it was a great way to celebrate the arrival of my little one.

The details and the love that was put into planning our special day was evident in every way possible. From his name as the backdrop to the dessert details to his little name of the appetizer plates to the mimosa bar (that I couldn’t indulge in LOL) but was such a nice touch for the guests to enjoy.

It was so good seeing our family and friends. It's so refreshing to be reminded of how much we're loved and supported. Everyone is so excited to meet Baby Boy!

I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better, they truly made my baby shower dreams come true! I’m so blessed to have them in my life! NOW...let the countdown to Baby Miller’s arrival begin!


Earrings: Asos Dress: Macys

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