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Baby On Board

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

As you can probably tell by Le Bump...we are EXPECTING! We are so excited to receive one of the most precious gifts from God! He has truly blessed us, and we can’t be more grateful!

I'll have more about our journey over the coming weeks and months but here are a few details:

Due date: April 21, 2019 (I'm officially 5 months)

Gender: Precious baby boy

Names: We haven’t made a definite decision as of yet AKA we’re still in negotiation LOL

How I told my hubby: Our wedding anniversary was the same week that I learned I was pregnant. Which takes us back to last year when we initially chose our wedding cake, we had the option of taking the top tier to freeze and open/eat for our one year anniversary, OR we could have a fresh cake baked for our anniversary, we opted for the latter. Because of this, we had the option to do whatever we wished with the cake. Well, since I was the one who was picking up the cake, I called the bakery a couple days ahead of time to have them write a special note on the cake. He arrived home with a dozen roses and champagne (because I mean that’s what's necessary to celebrate your one year anniversary, right? Lol). I gave him the honor of opening the anniversary cake (see below). Initially, he said the only thing he could think about after reading the cake was ‘holy crap, they've given us the wrong cake’ LOL oh but low and behold he was in for the BIGGEST surprise of his life!

Nursery ideas: Although this will be the safe haven for our little baby boy, I don’t want it to look so babyish, if that makes sense. I love the boho chic idea for the baby nursery, its clean, neutral and allows you to be carefree without sticking to a particular theme or pattern. I have a few vintage pieces that I (well actually my hubby lol) can’t wait to refurbish and make perfect just for our baby boy.

My husband has always wanted a boy, I honestly just wanted a healthy baby, but I’m so excited that he’s going to have the son that he always wanted. He is truly going to be an AMAZING father! I’m in such awe that God saw fit for us to be parents, my heart is so full. We’re so excited about this journey and everything that comes along with it. We're so happy to have you all along with us as well, 2019 will be a great year! Xoxo


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Dec 15, 2018

Congratulations! I loved how you revealed that to him. I love watching y’all journey!


Dec 10, 2018

Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! You two will be excellent parents!! And I cannot wait form so baby fly little outfit on the blog!!!

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